Seller's Information

Your situation has changed and your abode no longer suits you or your family's needs.  When selling your property, there are many factors to consider.  What are the market conditions?  When do you need to be at a new location?  Who can best present your home with the latest tools to achieve the highest price?  

Here are a few ways to prepare your home for the market:

1.  Fresh coat of paint  This is the least expensive, yet most effective way to improve the look of your home.  Light neutral tones are most favourable.

2.  Staging Allow your Realtor to best advise you on how to show your home.  Decluttering is usually the first step in preparing your home for sale. Minimize items on top of shelves and counters.  Remove pieces of furniture from rooms to allow traffic and make the rooms feel bigger.  A stager can magically transform the look of a room with accessories or replacing your furniture with 'borrowed' modern pieces.  

3.  Strategy What are the market conditions?  What's the best strategy?  Stacey can best advise you here depending on where you live, how much or how little competition you have, etc.  This is where a seasoned professional can make the difference in your bottom line.  Stacey uses only the best marketing to best present your home and various avenues to promote your home.  The exposure goes beyond just the MLS system.   Buying a home is an emotional decision, so it is imperative that your home is best presented on line to get the traffic and top dollar from the buyers excited to have found your home!

4.  Negotiations This where a seasoned, full time professional should handle negotiations on your behalf.  This part is mostly overlooked when selecting a representative.   An excellent, experienced real estate representative knows how to negotiate on your behalf, will make all the difference to your bottom line.

5.  Sold Once your home is sold and all conditions have been satisfied, the documents are sent to your lawyer and financial institution for closing.  There are steps to take to prepare for the move such as hiring a mover, setting up utilities, maybe even setting up babysitting for the moving day.